iStir UNO Magnetic Stirrer – محرك مغناطيسي صغير

2,100 ر.س

محرك مغناطيسي لتحريك السوائل

تم تصميم هذا المحرك المغناطيسي للاستخدام في المختبرات والصيدليات والمدارس لخلط السوائل عن طريق المغناطيس بدون الحاجة إلى اداة خلط

This magnetic stirrer is designed for use in laboratories, pharmacies & schools for mixing liquids industry for mixing liquids

Motorless magnetic stirrer with very slim profile
No moving parts – Truly maintenance free
Adjustable speed from 15 to 1500 RPM in steps of 50 RPM
Timer range 1- 99 mins & infinite mode
Stirring Capacity of upto 800 ml
IP 65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)
Flat surface – Easy to wipe and clean
Supplied with high strength PTFE Magnetic bar (25 x 8 mm)

Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature
Pulse mode – Reverses the direction at every 30 secs for thorough mixing

Corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance

Slim profile & Compact design with digital display

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